Understanding how SureSmile aligners work to straighten teeth

Straightening the smile with braces can seem like a daunting task to both teenagers and adults looking to improve teeth alignment. However, with continued advances and improvements in orthodontics, there are other ways to achieve the results without hiding the smile behind metal brackets and wires. Thanks to SureSmile braces, patients can use clear aligners to achieve the same results–while enjoying confidence and beauty throughout their treatment. Dr. Yvonne Caton-Hospedales and her team at Your Smile Dental Wellness Center of McDonough, Georgia, encourage patients to ask about the SureSmile solution for a straighter, more aligned smile and bite!

How do SureSmile clear aligners work?

SureSmile clear aligners are made using cutting-edge technology that allows them to be custom-fit to your teeth. The aligners work by gently applying pressure to your teeth, which moves them into the desired position. Instead of using metal braces, patients can use these aligners for teeth straightening–while enjoying discreet improvements each day!

Dr. Caton-Hospedales determines the amount of pressure used on the teeth, which gradually increases over time as your teeth start to move. This helps to ensure that your treatment is effective and that your teeth straighten as expected.

How long does it take to straighten teeth using SureSmile treatment?

The average treatment time for SureSmile clear aligners is about 9-12 months, but this can vary depending on the individual case. Once your SureSmile treatment is completed, you will be left with a beautifully straight smile that you can share with others without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Teeth straightening with SureSmile aligners can completely change a patient’s confidence–and life!

Are you considering teeth straightening with SureSmile clear aligners?

Now is the time to request a visit with our team of professionals at Your Smile Dental Wellness Center. Dr. Yvonne Caton-Hospedales is devoted to providing patients in and around McDonough, GA, with the services they need to improve and enhance their smiles. If you live in the community or the surrounding areas of Jonesboro, Locust Grove, Stockbridge, Hampton, Conyers, or Fayetteville, GA, call (770) 727-3378 to schedule an appointment at 854 Hampton Road. Her facility is currently accepting new patients.

A: SureSmile is a near-invisible way to straighten misaligned teeth McDonough, Georgia, without the need for traditional metal braces. SureSmile accomplishes this via the use of removable, clear aligners crafted to fit your teeth perfectly in a discreet, comfortable, and flexible way. No metal wires or brackets are required. SureSmile utilizes special three-dimensional imaging technology, which is not only used to design your aligners but also to show you the treatment progression you can expect. Each set of aligners gently pushes against your teeth to gently, yet consistently, shift them into their proper position and alignment. Once you complete the aligner series, your treatment is complete.

A: SureSmile is discreet. Because this treatment utilizes clear aligners, your teeth will be straightened without anybody ever having to know.
SureSmile is also removable, allowing you to eat and drink whatever you wish throughout your treatment. This also makes oral hygiene easier to maintain.
The plastic used to craft your aligners is designed for a comfortable fit.

A: Your SureSmile clear aligners will be crafted from a clear, strong, and comfortable medical-grade plastic that is nearly invisible when worn.

A: The entire purpose of your SureSmile clear aligners is to gradually shift your teeth into their proper position. To do this, each set of aligners will exert some pressure on your teeth to complete this shift. This pressure does result in minor discomfort. However, this feeling of pressure is what lets you know that SureSmile is actually working and shifting your teeth toward their final destination!

A: As with any orthodontic treatment, your speech may be temporarily impacted as your tongue adjusts to having the aligners in your mouth. Many SureSmile patients in McDonough, Georgia, face a temporary lisp. This lisp should disappear as you adjust to wearing your aligners.

A: Because you are able to remove your aligners when you want to eat or drink, there are no dietary restrictions. It is essential that you brush after eating and remember to reinsert your aligners.

A: The best way to keep your SureSmile aligners clean is to brush and rinse them using lukewarm water.

A: You should wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. Wearing them less than this recommended time could cause your treatment to progress slower or even your teeth to revert to their previous position.